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Doodle art, I was day dreaming about Tracey Emin again in that tent she embroidered.

Tracey Emin’s Tatts by Eddy Crowley

I give you ‘Tracey Emin’s Tatts’. The second piece I committed to canvas this year, it’s sort of the doodles you do in the margins of work books taken to the next level, a day dream where my only intent was to document the wondering nature of my mind, a painting collage. The lion ‘CVT’ graphic refers to a belt driven gearbox using ‘spindles’ that move in and out varying the gearing on the belt drive. CVT stands for continuously variable timing and is an old Rover design. It’s things like that that I like to contemplate. The 4 P’s is another great concept I picked up in my marketing experience, Product, Price, Place, Promotion is a beautifully simple rule of thumb in the decision making process.

Acrylic on canvas. Size: W=60cm H=46cm


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