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Welcome to the gallery site of creative Eddy Crowley.

The gallery and my 20 project sites below represent 26 years of my life, covering the vast majority of my creative output. 1995 to 2021.

I hope you enjoy browsing the gallery and that you might find something you like, I can also arrange signed prints of my canvas artwork.

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In 2003 I started my first gallery site at and in 2015 I set up an account with GoDaddy and tried to transfer the site

from 1&1, but they kept giving me the wrong transfer codes to the point I lost the domain name, they then tried to charge me £1,200

to get it back, so I established this site Here is the link to my old site. I was one of the first to go hexagonal latus mad,

10 years ago now, designed to work well on smart phones and tablets, click image below, I hope you enjoy. Eddy.

traybon site

For posters of my art click below:

prints, eddy crowley



Over the past 6 years my creative take has been biro on A4 paper, doing sketches and brain storming ideas

for production. Below are 20 of my other web sites, the best of my concepts that have a chance of making it

into production. These sites are still being developed, but are at a presentable stage, so please take a look

with that in mind, any feedback is very welcome.

eddy crowley

My project sites are listed below:

Click on logo graphics to view sites.

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A hexagonal lattice wonder-sphere where you gather your hive-berry cluster, up to 19 audit points.

That cluster opens when option selected to another hive-berry data point. A totally scale able interface.

Hive-berry buttons above are live to my portfolio of sites. A standard common interface.

(I have used my web portfolio to show a user interface across 19 sites from

covid19ideas logo

time tellers logo

peace games Northern Ireland

scoff scoff magazine

Blue watch logo


wonder sphere

hat bag logo

pocket priest



hex dex 7

police, garda, fashion, tee shirts


Still under construction


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Thankyou for visiting the site, I hope you enjoyed the content, any comments welcome

To view my paintings and digital art please click the link below.




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